This cause of action arises out of an automobile accident that occurred in Harrison Township, Macomb, Michigan. Defendant rear-ended Plaintiffs’ vehicle at a speed of approximately thirty-five to forty miles per hour. Plaintiffs, a man in his 40s and a woman in her 30s, were transported by EMS to the nearest hospital with complaints of injury.

Before this incident, Plaintiff (male) had been employed as a diesel bus mechanic. Since this accident, he has suffered from a spine injury causing radiating pain in the spine, a right knee injury requiring surgery and the continuing use of a brace, and leg pain. Social Security Administration found him to be totally and completely disabled and he is unable to return to work due to his injuries.

Plaintiff (female) was the mother of three (3) young children, one of whom suffers from a disability. At the time this incident occurred, Plaintiff was temporarily unemployed but had been actively looking for work in the evenings while taking classes during the day. She suffered from disc herniations in her neck and spine as well as damage to her elbow, all related to this accident. Plaintiff looked for work after the incident and was able to secure employment. However, Plaintiff was unable to continue to work due to continuing problems with her injuries from this accident.

Prior to the accident, Plaintiffs were restriction free and able to participate fully in all recreational activities such as walking, jogging, basketball, golf, swimming, fishing, etc. Following this accident, they were unable to pursue those activities.


It is presumed Defendant will be admitting 100% liability.

Claim for Car Accident Injury in Harrison Twp, Michigan – Macomb County

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