Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer – Part 1

Don’t Hire the “Wizard of Oz” for Your Personal Injury Attorney

Watch Questions to Ask a Macomb County Personal Injury Lawyer – Part 2

You are probably wondering why we would put the term, The Wizard of Oz our website.

It’s pretty simple really. In Michigan, anyone can tell you by way of advertisements on a billboard on the side of the bus, on a TV that they want your business as a personal injury attorney. And the problem is this, in Michigan we don’t have specialization. Our Bar Association does not anoint a lawyer as a specialist or someone who’s competent in the area of personal injury litigation.

Physicians on the other hand, you know who’s an orthopedic surgeon, what doctors are plastic surgeons, what doctors you want to trust with a colonoscopy, because they specialize and they actually have boards that they become board certified in. So, it’s real easy to figure out at least which doctors have the experience to do what they’re advertising for, or what you’re going to see them for. You can get reassurance. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it is in the law.

So, any lawyer that comes out of law school can put his or her picture on the side of a bus or on a billboard and say I want to be your personal injury lawyer. It has nothing to do with whether or not they’re qualified, whether or not they’ve ever handled a case like yours, whether or not they’ve ever tried a case like yours.

So the reason we put the Wizard of Oz. It was sort of like, remember when Dorothy and the Lion and the Tin Man they get to this huge castle and they talk about the great and powerful Oz, if you remember. As they’re walking up to the area that he Wizard of Oz performing and the curtain separates and it’s just this guy, this old guy, with a bunch of levers and lights and sounds and it made him appear that that was his strength. He appeared that he had power and knowledge. But as we know, he had really nothing. He just had all this technology that made him appear to be something that he wasn’t.

And that’s sort of how we look at a lot of the advertising that goes on with lawyers today. They can appear to be something that they’re not. So the purpose of this video and really it’s in 4 other parts. What we’ve done is we’ve broken it down. And we’re asking you to interview peresonal injury lawyers, and interview us hopefully. But interview whoever you want, but ask these 4 questions. And there’ll be 4 separate videos that will suggest. They’re short but if you ask these 4 questions and get the answers, you’re going to have a great lawyer for your case. Hopefully it’s us. But at least you’ve gone to the web, because you wanted information. We’re going to give you information, and it will be helpful to you in terms of selecting the best lawyer for your case.