How to Find a Macomb County Personal Injury Lawyer

Hello. My name is Bob Garvey and I am a personal injury attorney in Macomb County, Michigan. I’ve been a practicing trial lawyer for 37 years, the majority of that time in Macomb County, where we are today. I want to thank you first of all for stopping in on our website. It tells me that you’ve gotten past the billboard lawyers and the advertisers on TV and you’re looking for a real personal injury lawyer to help you with a real problem.  You’ve decided to educate yourself, which is important, because if you just go with a face or a name, you have no idea what the attorney’s background is, and, and what their experience is in terms of being able to help you with your personal injury case.  The fact is, and it’s an unfortunate fact, that when you try to hire a personal injury lawyer in Macomb County, Michigan  for this particular specialty and most other specialties in the state of Michigan, you have no idea of what the capabilities are or the experience is of a lawyer. We don’t have certifications. If you are going to have your heart operated on, you’re going to have open heart surgery, you can explore that doctor’s credentials and usually you’re going to see a board certified cardiac surgeon.

In the law, we don’t have those specialties. You’re pretty much taking a chance, unless you’ve decided to educate yourself, which you have, and I congratulate you for doing that. You should also know that all personal injury lawyers charge the same, so, put those two facts together. We don’t have specialization and all personal injury lawyers in Macomb County, Michigan charge the same. So, you’re going to have to do a little bit of work to find the absolute best personal injury lawyer in Michigan to represent you for your problem. And because your problem is of a personal injury nature, you’re going to have to do even more work, the if it’s a real estate closing or a will. Those sorts of things you have two, three or four times in your life.

You know, you buy and sell homes. You don’t get involved in auto accidents, or you don’t become a victim of malpractice or a defective product very often. So, you can’t just go across the fence and ask your neighbor. So, what you’re doing is the right thing. You, you need to go to Web and, and get information. A TV ad, a billboard on a bus, is not going to direct you to the best lawyer for your problem. So in the few minutes we have, I’d just like to suggest what, what you should be looking for when you decide to hire a personal injury attorney. First of all, obviously, since we don’t have certification, the next best thing is find someone who limits their practice to the area that you’re looking for. And in this case, I assume it’s personal injury, or you wouldn’t be on our website. So, you want somebody who does that every day of their lives. I’ve been doing that for 37 years.

Secondly, I suggest, it makes sense that you need to find somebody who actually tries personal injury cases. Anybody can call themselves a trial lawyer; anybody can call themselves a personal injury lawyer. It’s important that whoever you choose limits their practice and actually tries cases. And you might be saying to yourself, well, I want to try my case, I want to settle my case. Either way, if your lawyer has not proven himself or herself by going to the mat and, and winning your personal injury lawsuit.  That lawyer is not going to be effective when it comes to settling your personal injury case. Imagine yourself sitting in the chair of the insurance adjuster. He or she gets up every day with one thing in mind. How do I save my insurance company money?  If you’re dealing with a lawyer that never goes to the mat, never tries personal injury cases in Macomb County, you know that case is going to settle for whatever you end up putting on the table.  That’s not good for you.

So, you want a Macomb County lawyer that limits their practice to personal injury, you want a lawyer that tries cases, and finally, and obviously, you want someone who’s been successful at trying cases. If you’re that same adjuster, and you’ve seen the kind of results that, you know, I’ve listed, that’s why I listed it there. I’m not trying to brag, but these are real results, you know. When you’ve turned down 200,000 and the jury gives you 12 million, an adjuster knows that, they talk about that and quite frankly; somebody probably lost a job over that case. Another case we turned down 150,000 and we got over 10 million from a jury. So, those things matter. Those things matter.  I’d suggest as, as you go through your selection process. You ask two questions when you go to a website, or when you’re interviewing a lawyer. You should interview personal injury lawyers.

How does that personal injury lawyers in Macomb County, Michigan get their business?

We do no television advertising. You won’t see our names or pictures on a bus. Why? Because we get our cases from other personal injury lawyers in Michigan. I would suggest that you, as you’re looking through the web and trying to gain information on what lawyer to choose, that you ask two questions. First of all, how does that lawyer that you’re either interviewing or researching on the web, how does that personal injury lawyer get their business?  If they get their business through advertising that tells you one thing. If they get their business from other lawyers and former satisfied clients that tells you something very different doesn’t it? So, I think it’s important, that’s why we put it on our website, the fact that, the vast majority of my personal injury cases come to me from other lawyers in the Macomb County community and across Michigan and elsewhere, and former satisfied clients. That tells me something, and I think that should tell you something as well. I’m proud of that thing.

The other thing is you should look and see what organizations does that lawyer belong to. And what that tells you is what does that lawyer’s peers. Think of him or her, and that’s why I’d like you to take a look at, I’m particularly proud of two organizations that I belong to. It’s the American College of Trial Lawyers and the American Board of Trial Advocates. And just click on those websites and you’ll see who is a member of those two organizations, how you become a member of those two organizations, and it tells you something about the quality of the lawyer that you’re looking at. And very, very few lawyers, are members of the organizations. I want to thank you for spending the time today. It shows me that you’re an educated consumer that you want to be an educated consumer. This is not like buying a car. This is a much more personal relationship. It’s much more important. And you’re spending your time wisely by searching on the web. Thank you.

How to Find a Macomb County Personal Injury Lawyer

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How to Find a Macomb County Personal Injury Lawyer