This cause of action arises out of a first-party no-fault benefits claim. Plaintiff was an employee at a Macomb County hospital and a student in pursuit of an advanced degree. She was struck by a motor vehicle in the parking lot of her doctor’s office in Washington Twp while leaving the office and heading back to her car.   As the accident was non-work related, her employment with the hospital was terminated.

Following the accident, she went back in to see her family doctor complaining of injuries to her right knee, back, and right flank. Ultimately, she had two surgeries on her right knee, a kidney infection, continuing treatment for her neck, back, and shoulder injuries. She had multiple diagnoses – a closed head injury, post-concussion syndrome, post-concussion headaches, continuing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) resulting in short term memory problems, depression, severe migraine headaches, loss of sleep, and even incontinence and bed-wetting. Her depression is due in large part to her inability to return to the job that she loved and to continue her education that would lead to an advanced degree. She is still unable to work or attend school, per doctors’ recommendations.


Liability against Defendant is 100%. In addition to the medical bills, wage loss, replacement services, mileage and prescriptions, Plaintiff is entitled to interest and attorney’s fees. The excerpts from the litigation adjuster’s deposition clearly sets forth entitlement to interest and attorney’s fees for the wrongful refusal on the part of the original claims adjuster to pay this claim. In fact, the litigation adjuster assigned to this file has admitted in her deposition that the IME used by the claims handler did not have the appropriate credentials to support the denial of all benefits.

First Party No Fault Benefits Claim for Car Accident Injury in Washington Twp, Michigan

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