I think the reason people come to see me, personally, is that they’ve been recommended by someone who they trust, usually another lawyer. And that lawyer knows that I care about people.  When they walk through that door they meet me. They don’t meet a secretary. If we can’t walk in their shoes and understand what they’re going through, we can’t do our job. Trust is an essential element to the relationship that we establish here at Thomas, Garvey & McKenna. And when someone comes through my door who’s been wronged, I get energized. I want to make things right.

“I would definitely recommend Mr. Garvey.  My children had closed head injuries and the insurance company did not pay us like they should have. I can’t discuss the amount of the settlement but t changed our lives tremendously.”

The fact that we’ve tried cases and been very successful means that when you come to us, your chances of receiving a fair settlement are greater.

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