Our experience has shown that sellers of firearms and ammunition are often reckless in terms of sales to intoxicated or mentally ill purchasers.  The legal theory is known as “negligent entrustment of a dangerous instrumentality”.  This applies to the sale of guns and bullets to people who are drunk or mentally unstable at the time of purchase.

We have represented victims in Michigan, Utah and Florida successfully in these cases.  In Palm Beach County, Deborah Kitchen was rendered a quadriplegic after her intoxicated boyfriend purchased a .22 rifle and ammunition from K-Mart.  In Salt Lake City, a young man committed suicide after shooting the family pet.  He had recently purchased a shotgun and ammunition.  His psychiatrist testified that any reasonable sales clerk would have appreciated the fact that he was unstable at the time of purchase.  In Michigan, Anthony Buczkowski suffered permanent hand injury when he was shot by McKay who purchased deer slugs in a visibly drunk state.

Many of these sales are made by sales clerks who are too young to sell alcohol and tobacco, but are old enough under Federal law to sell weapons.

Saint Clair Shores Attorney Discusses Firearms and Ammunition Sales

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Saint Clair Shores Attorney Discusses Firearms and Ammunition Sales