Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer – Part 2

Question: Do You Limit Your Practice to Personal Injury Cases?

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So the first question you want to ask to any lawyer that you are interviewing for a personal injury matter, whether it’s a wrongful death case, a serious personal injury, a medical malpractice, product liability. What you want to ask them is, do you limit your practice to personal injury cases? Why is that important?

Well, it’s sort of common sense. You wouldn’t want to go to a plastic surgeon to have your neck fixed. If you had a herniated disc, you wouldn’t want a proctologist doing a surgery on your neck. Again in Michigan we don’t have certification specialties. In fact, a lawyer can’t even say “I specialize in this area”.  So that leaves you the consumer sort of adrift. You don’t know who it is that is best for your personal injury case. Does this lawyer really do this type of work? What percentage of work do they do in this area? You’re sort of left without any information, at least any information that comes from, for example our Bar Association. They stay away from that. So anybody can say that they specialize.

So a perfectly legitimate common sense question for you to ask any lawyer that you’re seeking to help you with your serious case is, do you limit your practice to this particular area of the law? At least then you know you have somebody who does nothing else, except represent plaintiffs in your type of case. It’s just common sense. That’s a really good question, first question, to ask a lawyer who you’re seeking to help you out with a personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice matter. So we’ll get into another question you might ask in our next video.