Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer – Part 4

Question: When you’ve tried cases, how have you done?

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So the next question that you want to ask. You’ve asked the lawyer do you limit your practice to personal injury?

You’ve asked the lawyer do you try cases?  The next logical question is, when you’ve tried cases, how have you done?

That’s why we put our settlements and verdicts on our main website. It’s not to brag but it’s useful information because what that tells you is that we do try cases. Not every case but when we try cases we generally do pretty well and we’re very proud of the results that we’ve had.

If you hire a lawyer that limits their practice to personal injury, tries cases, and when they try cases, they do well, what does that tell the insurance company? That tells the insurance company that you have a good lawyer. And they’re going to have to pay you what your case is worth. They’re not going to steal a case from this law firm. Or from any personal injury lawyer that has the credentials of limiting their practice, trying cases and being successful in those trials. Unfortunately most of the lawyers that are out there advertising will not answer those three questions the way we will.

The third question is, how have you done a trial? And that’s why we’ve given you that information, to empower you to make the right decision. You compare it to what other personal injury lawyers have done, and we’re very proud of what we’ve obtained, and will obtain for you.